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Agricutural Land Reform Office

5 Royal Plots of Land, the pilot program for well being throughout Thailand

มีนาคม 12, 2564 | The king and land reform

  • Mrs. Wanna Kumkom: Farmer of integrated agriculture, Nakhon Pathom

       "Nowadays, I have earned a living in the land donated by the King and I will regard that he has given me his precious treasures”.


  • Mr. Mee Num-erb : Farmer who grows vegetables, Nakhon Nayok.

       "I am glad that the King has thought of poor people like us. He had donated the land for us so we can make a living. Without this land, I don’t know what my life would be.”


  • Mrs. Umphai Ngamwongwan: Farmer who has shrimp feeder pond, Chachoeng Sao

        ‘The word ‘royal land’ has a propitious meaning more than any other words. Anyone who can live in this land is so happy and delighted. I don’t know how to pay him back, so I will be a good person and I will not do anything bad to other people.”


  • Ms. Prasert Klombang: Farmer of integrated agriculture, Pathum Thani

       I am so proud that the Kind has donated this land to us and made us have our own lands. I am so graciously thankful for him. I wish him a very long life to be the Father of Thai people for a very long time.”

  • Mr. Wiroj Thaneratana Farmer of integrated agriculture, Ayutthaya

         I am so overwhelming for his generosity in donating his plot of lands to poor farmer like us. I will make a living and create values in this land until posterity.”


6. To have right to receive information from ALRO.
7. To be supported from ALRO so that farmers can consolidate in form of sufficient economic settlement.
8. Farmers will have rights on development of land for living and source of water so they can use them for agricultural purposes.
9. In case of decease, farmer can transfer rights to use benefits in land to the relatives.