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Agricutural Land Reform Office

      Establishment and New Farmer Development Project (2008-2012) Purpose

(1)  To establish new farmers, to be equipped with theoretical and practicing knowledge. So, They take up agricultural occupation and playing model role for other farmers, through the mechanism of Agriculture and Technology College, Fisheries College and Occupational College,

(2)  To develop sustainable agriculture and solve problems on lacking of knowledge of farmers’, understandings and skillful for future occupations, Implementation Guidelines of which comprising 4 main tasks as follows:

  1. Activities to create an opportunity to access knowledge: To prepare for learning on practicing session in the course. So, land and infrastructure would be improved in the 76 vocational institutes (land consolidation/irrigation/land development). High priority would be put on the institutes that are ready to operate in 2008.
  2. Activities to create an opportunity to access the land resource. To organize the land holding system for new farmers in accordance with the Agricultural Land reform Act and to permit interested persons utilize the land

(1) State land in form of right for cultivation (ALRO 4-01)
(2) Private land –in case of hire and hire-purchased

     3.  Activities to create an opportunity to access occupations:
          To increase the capabilities of land use for farming and generate sustainable income though the     adoption and diffusion process

(1) Land consolidation and development of individual farm plots
(2) Occupational Development to reduce expenses-generate income
Economic crops

  • Fisheries
  • Livestock
  • Household account
  • Cooperation with private in some aspects

4.   Activities to create an opportunity to access finance resources
To create the satisfaction system to each others and to protect the risk from the occupation. 

            (1) Group forming and group development such as:
Community Enterprise

  • Community Enterprise
  • Cooperatives

             (2) Access to finance resources 

  •  Agricultural Land Reform Fund
  • Financial Institution