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Agricutural Land Reform Office


มีนาคม 12, 2564 | Introduction of ALRO

The implementation of agricultural land reform consist of three activities:

1. land allocation
       ALRO conduct land allocation for farmers under the Agricultural Land Reform Act. The land are from public and private land .

Public land
     ALRO carry out the cadastral survey, land right investigation and distribution, reducing and dividing the quantity of land (in case of exceeding a limit of land in accordance with the act )so as to allocate the land to farmer hire and hire-purchase. Farmers obtain land acquisition document (ALRO 4-28) and land use certificate(ALRO 4-01) from ALRO under Agricultural Land Reform Act and have an opportunity to be the landownership afterwards. The public land implemented under Land Reform Program are deteriorated forest, classified land according to the resolution of the Cabinet , public common use land and that people give up utilizing the land and idle land outside the boundaries of the permanent forest.

Private land
      ALRO brings the land purchased or expropriated from land owners who do not utilize such land themselves or own land in excess of their rights in accordance with the act, to allocates to farmers who own no land or have small pieces of land which are insufficient to earn their living on a hire-purchase or leasehold basis.

2. Development
      The responsibilities of ALRO are difference from the others departments in the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. ALRO undertake a duty to develop the land in land reform area by supporting the construction and maintenance of access road and water resources to enhance the better of farmers living and the capacity of water use for consumption and agriculture.

3. Increase income
      ALRO carry out an improvement of agricultural production structure, establishing Agricultural Land Reform Cooperatives, providing agricultural credit and production inputs, developing and supporting on - farm and off- farm occupation. In addition, ALRO enable farmers to participate in natural resources and environment conservation in communities Thus, ALRO cooperate with related agencies in improving farmers' standard of living according to the existing local conditions of each area and farmer's needed