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Agricutural Land Reform Office


มีนาคม 11, 2564 | Introduction of ALRO

  ALRO was established on 6 March 1975. For a time being, there were a lot of changes in the county; i.e. economic situations that most of export were on electronic industry instead of agricultural commodities. Besides, there were also the changes on social and political situations that demanded solutions for agricultural sector as well as the farmland.

     One should not forget that ALRO was initiated from the demand of every sector especially farmers and students in the October 1973 incident, demanding for real democracy. Thus, the land reform has been one of the effects of it to require that farmers must own the farmland. Out of H.M. the King’s graciousness, all the incidents satisfactorily ended and he also gave away his property covering 44,365 rai for the land reform after the promulgation of the Agricultural Land Reform Act B.E. 2518 (1975). With his broad vision, he gave the policy for land distribution, production promotion and co-operative establishment to enable farmers’ descendants to successively farm the land. However they can not own the land since the King wanted to ensure that the farmland would always belong to Thai farmers.

     When recalled to the initial phase of the land reform, ALRO placed an emphasis on purchased private land, the King’s property and donated land to conduct the land reform. Later on the government had set the solution to the forest encroachment in the national reserve forest by designation as the land reform. As a consequence, ALRO obtained a large number of government land decided by the cabinet to perform the land distribution under the Land Reform Act. Since quite a large area of land had already been encroached illegally, many previous land occupants were lack of the land reform Act’s qualifications. They were neither farmers nor did farming, but held more land than permitted. There were also the use of non-farm land; i.e. housing and trading shops scattered around the area. That was the reason why the allocation of land for the community has taken place.