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Agricutural Land Reform Office

9 Rights in Using Benefits of ALRO Lands

มีนาคม 12, 2564 | Introduction of ALRO

  1. To be allocated lands for living to be adequately for living.
  2. To have rights to build house, excavate ponds or build other constructions for agricultural uses.
  3. To have rights to obtain credits from Land Reform Fund.
  4. To be able to take the deed rights document to participate in the Government’s project on transforming assets into capital.
  5. To be able to obtain the academic services from ALRO in forms of knowledge center for communities sufficient economics.
  6. To have right to receive information from ALRO.
  7. To be supported from ALRO so that farmers can consolidate in form of sufficient economic settlement.
  8. Farmers will have rights on development of land for living and source of water so they can use them for agricultural purposes.
  9. In case of decease, farmer can transfer rights to use benefits in land to the relatives.